Massage & Myotherapy

At the Australian Acupuncture Centre we have a variety of massage and myotherapy options available for you to choose from. Our team of masseurs and myotherapists are excellent at what they do and are very enthusiastic about helping you using their massage skills. They also work in a closely integrated fashion with our acupuncture and Chinese medicine teams to ensure that you get the very best natural health care and body work available in Geelong.

Relaxation Massage

Sometimes you just feel like a nice relaxing massage. Perhaps there is nothing actually wrong with you and you just want a little help to unwind from a busy week. Maybe you have a trip or a special event coming up and you want to look and feel your best for it. Maybe you just want to be kind to yourself for a change. If this is you, then you should visit us for a relaxation massage session. Relaxation massage will help take the stress and strain out of life for you. Learn more about our relaxation massage here.

Deep Tissue Massage

Sometimes you would rather something a little stronger. Maybe you have some really tight shoulders, a super stiff neck or back and you really want someone to ‘go to town’ on you. We know exactly what you mean. If this is you then our deep tissue massage is the perfect massage option for you. Our therapists are strong and very experienced, which means that they will give you a thorough going over without leaving you feeling worse for the experience. Learn more about our deep tissue massage here.


If you are in pain, have an ongoing musculoskeletal problem or want an evidence based body work assessment and treatment option to help you recover from an illness or injury, then our myotherapy treatment is the best choice for you. Our myotherapy sessions focus on the assessment, prevention, early intervention, and management of all sorts of injuries and painful musculoskeletal conditions. This is next level body work and our therapists will not disappoint! Learn more about our myotherapy here.


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Patient Resources

We have a range of client resources to help you make the most of your treatment from after treatment care to detailed overviews of our treatment options

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Patient Resources

We have a range of client resources to help you make the most of your treatment from after treatment care to detailed overviews of our treatment options

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The AAC team is dedicated to delivering high quality, caring and effective acupuncture for a wide variety of conditions.


Moxibustion is a specialised branch of Traditional East Asian medicine involving the strategic application of heat to the body via moxa in various forms.

Herbal Medicine

Easy to take, these are prescription only medications and require a Chinese herbal medicine consultation. Contact us.


Enjoy a truly unique approach to massage & myotherapy therapy, including some options that are only available at Paul McLeod’s Australian Acupuncture Centre.

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