We are here to help you through Christmas and New Year!


The Silly Season is truly upon us… and I don’t know about you, but for me, around this time of year, my stress levels escalate and my digestion plummets while my weight fluctuates!

This year, I plan to change that and take control well in advance!

Over the past few months, I have absolutely loved treating our AAC clients with tailor-made Chinese Medicine formulas. Together, through regular treatments, we have reduced stress and tension that has risen, either from moving back to an office environment or simply from adding more to the social calendar.

During our regular Acupuncture sessions, my clients and I have worked on opening blocked meridians which may have created pain or stagnation in the body. We have shifted blockages to allow better communication to flow between friends, family and loved ones who may have become distant, without the need to elaborate in long drawn out difficult discussions.

This has all been amazing, yet what I’ve loved the most is seeing the transformations in my clients and feeling how empowered they feel with their new daily rituals including diet, exercise, sleep, and self care!

I believe small changes make huge differences!

I never ask my clients to change their world 100%… we need to live! … an 80/20 regime is a wonderful balance ~ and even then, life can still get in the way.. and we need balance!

That’s where I can step in and help with the slack … I take my role very seriously when creating the perfect formula that your body needs to balance disharmony and bring your body back into equilibrium!

Our bodies, like the weather, are constantly changing, adapting and evolving!

Now is the perfect time to reflect on your health and see where you might need a little help to maintain the balance.

My treatment room is a safe place and a place of evolution. I cannot wait to embrace your health journey with you and I look forward to prescribing your perfect formula to get you through December and January!

The tonic I have just made for myself this month has the intention to harmonise digestion, reduce stress and regulate sleep … What will yours be?

With love and light,

Nicci x