The AAC Influenza & Covid 19 Remote Management Process of patients is necessary when people are unable to attend the clinic for face-to-face consultations due to complications pertaining to their condition.

At AAC we are committed to providing quality access to the best Chinese medicine health care available, in the safest way.

Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic, we have begun providing patients at AAC with remote management of their condition. Please see below for the AAC influenza & COVID 19 remote management process.

If you are experiencing infectious conditions, such as flu-like or COVID 19 symptoms, we ask you to not be present in the clinic for assessment and management. Instead, you should call the clinic and request a telephone consultation with one of our Chinese herbal medicine experts to discuss your symptoms and management options.

Please also see our article called ‘AAC Influenza & COVID 19 management strategy’ for details of our 5-step management policy and procedures.

This document outlines the AAC telephone consultation process for people commencing remote management of their health and well-being.

Telephone consultation process

The ACC telephone consultation process is for all patients unable to attend clinic for face-to-face consultations due to complications pertaining to their condition.

Telephone consultations follows a simple, 4-step process, as outlined below:

Assessment– a comprehensive & systematic questionnaire-based assessment designed to understand the presenting signs & symptoms. Assessment leads to a Chinese medicine diagnosis. Assessment is conducted by a fully qualified AAC Chinese medicine expert.

Diagnosis– developed according to Chinese medicine diagnostic principles and based on information gained during the assessment process. Diagnosis leads to development of a customized AAC management plan.

Management plan – an AAC management plan addresses the patient’s particular management requirements. Plans are a step-by-step process, outlining how patients can expected to be supported during their recovery. Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions, as well as, diet and lifestyle advice, will form the bases of this management plan.

Follow up– All patients will be followed up regularly as outlined in their management plans. At follow up, your progress will be monitored and the next step in your management plan confirmed.

Patients can expect AAC influenza & COVID 19 management strategies to take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. Your influenza & COVID 19 management plan should be completed in coordination with your doctor.

If you have any questions about the AAC influenza & COVID 19 remote management process, please contact the clinic and ask to speak to one of our Chinese medicine experts.

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