A winter staple to ward off cold and flu!

Congee is a rice porridge used for centuries to promote good health and digestion.

Traditionally prepared with short grain rice, Congee is the ultimate comfort food and provides the perfect environment to ensure the excellent function of the spleen-stomach and its transformative abilities.

A big bowl of Congee is the best breakfast in all seasons.

Be that as it may, in the initial stages of a ‘Cold or Flu,’ it is suggested that eating some hot congee right after taking herbal decoctions can help reinforce the medical function in promoting sweating and getting the pathogenic energies out together.

How to Cook Congee

Grab your slow cooker and add 1 part rice to 6-8 parts water*, a sprinkle of sea salt

Place the lid on and turn it on low; cook it overnight while you sleep.

To serve, place it in a bowl, season with tamari (wheat-free soy), a drizzle of sesame oil, and possibly some sliced spring onions and grated ginger.

Sweet alternative: stew some pears with a few goji berries and some cinnamon, and add this to the Congee ~ this is a winner with kids!

That’s it! A silky smooth texture is your goal.

No slow cooker? Simmer on the stove over very low heat for 2-6 hours.

*You may add bone broth instead of water for extra blood-building nourishment.